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My boys are handsome.
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Taeyang talking about GD's sasaeng fans
  • What's some of the craziest things your fans have done?
  • Taeyang: [Something crazy] happened to G-Dragon. That's why he moved. Some crazy girls were hiding in front of his apartment all night. When he came back, they suddenly showed up and he was really shocked. So he moved to a really private apartment... I can't even get in.
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Wants to stay up to watch Taeyangs MV but its in 8 hours and I feel like im probably going to hate it, so no.  If it was block b I would stay up 8 hours..  >_>

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YG Life Update (131107): “TAEYANG – COMING SOON TEASER PIC #4”
"I am happiest when I am with the members, and Big Bang is what made me who I am today. With them, I laugh the most, and I feel like I can achieve things."Taeyang (ELLE Korea, November 2013)

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