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"Crayon POP to open up for Lady Gaga’s concert tour in America and Canada"


it’s happening

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If you don’t like that Crayon Pop is opening for gaga you are racist and that’s all there is to it


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If the Youtube Awards Situation wasn’t bad enough, we now have people attacking Lady Gaga for inviting Crayon Pop to be her opening act during her American-Canadian tour.
Did nobody learn anything from the first time? Why are people being racist and using vulgar words to describe a group that they know nothing about?
Crayon Pop is a kpop group, who throughout the kpop community is known for their flair for the outrageous. They don helmets, bright coloured tracksuits, while singing happy songs, albeit a little silly. They have their own style, or ‘colour’ as you say in kpop terms, that makes them unique.
“You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.” ― Lady Gaga
Where Crayon Pop is from is irrelevant. What does it matter if they are Korean or Chinese? Regardless of what Asian country they are from, what gives anyone the right to refer to them as ‘ching chong’? The correct term that you should be using is “ASIAN”.
And what about this group makes it okay for you to say that they are ‘dumb’? What did they do to make you dislike them? If they haven’t personally attacked you, and you simply don’t like their music, just don’t listen to it. It’s as simple as that.
Using race as a reason to dislike a group is just ignorance at its best.
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