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Hyun Ah - A Talk
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Hyun Ah - A Talk
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why yall getting mad at the H.E.R teaser? and not Jackpot MV?

13 year old girl sitting on grown mans lap

ACTUAL stalking.

In her they were just watching a hot bitch eat ice cream.

White women in skimpy clothes


13 year old in fishnets and high heels

Remember who were dealing with here guys.. 

Block B are gentlemen, have some faith in them ok?

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For those who keep shitting all over Block B and their efforts, a few things i want to say:

1) Having a white actress is not a new thing in kpop. If you look closely, many other groups have had white girls in their music videos years before, Bigbang for example.

2) There are several benefits to having a white actress that make perfect sense. Apparently they don’t ask for as much pay as korean actresses, and they are not as easy to harass by sasaeng fans. (info from this blog)

3) Block B did not decide about the actress.

4) Concepts where all the boys are after the same girl are also not a new thing. Look at Super Junior or SHINee.

5) Even if you feel like the way they were staring at the girl was problematic, remember that they were only acting out what the scriptwriter had created.

6) The full MV isn’t out yet. Be patient and see what it’s about.

7) If you miss their older style, ok good for you, you have all the rights to miss it. Just understand that they themselves want to branch out and not be repetitive. Don’t be a dick about it.

8) Reflect a bit. Don’t you think bashing a group over a teaser is a bit silly? You don’t benefit from it in any way and you’re only doing damage to a group that is already being spit on. Let them have their comeback and focus on something that makes you happy instead.

Thanks for reading!

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Fuck you all. I couldn’t appreciate Taeils sleeve less arms with all the shit spewing out of your mouths about the white girl in block b’s teaser and such.

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To everyone that’s saying block bs sexualizing women: get the fuck out right now

If your a fan you must know about all the scandals block b have been through. How they can’t do a single fucking thing without someone complaining.

Don’t fucking turn this into another thing, so if you think they are sexualizing women then that’s nice keep your opinion to yourself don’t cause more pain to block b.

They need a stress free comeback for once let’s try to make it happen. OK?

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