23 hours ago at 11:36 PM
1 day ago at 11:03 AM
Going through phone photos and found this one~
3 days ago at 5:06 PM
4 days ago at 7:46 PM
The rate of hair growth is about 1.25 or 0.5 inches per month.
5 days ago at 11:41 AM
Purse came in mail! I’ve wanted this one for a long time!~
1 week ago at 8:42 AM


dude this is my friend’s cat!!

😊😊Gump is so popular
1 week ago at 12:36 AM
1 week ago at 6:45 AM
1 week ago at 1:48 PM
look how cute my tumblr dash is
1 week ago at 8:42 AM