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T.O.P x Verbal.
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My anaconda don’t want none unless you got money to buy me kpop merchandise

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How did Big Bang perform their song?

Daesung it

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Minzy isn’t good looking-


Daesung’s the “not-pretty” member of Big Bang-


Zico’s an ugly idol-


I feel sorry for Luna since she’s not as good looking as the other members-


Shindong is too fat to be attractive-


Eunhyuk is an ugly monkey-


Junsu’s a good singer, but he just isn’t good looking enough to be an idol-

Miss A’s Jia just doesn’t have the right face-


SHINee is a group of talented and cute boys, even though Onew could use some work- image

Key isn’t good looking enough to be in SM-


No wonder Chen doesn’t get much screen time in the drama MV, his face is scary-


Xiumin isn’t cute whatsoever-


Hyoyeon throws SNSD off with her looks-


PSA: Just because you don’t find someone attractive that doesn’t mean A) Other’s don’t, everybody has some kind of physically attractive feature, some just like certain ones more/less, B) you have the right to tone down a person’s worth because of it. Especially if they are celebrities, you should judge them on either their character Yes I know I added Shindong and he’s done some shitty things or even better, their talents/ability to do whatever they’re famous for. Thank you. 

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